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0 votes

When i am in Zoom in my X axis values are repeated (See attached image) i think the problem with autoticks the xaml code for x axis is



how can i fix this?

  • Raghupathy asked 10 years ago
  • last active 10 years ago
1 vote

Hey all,

I’ve bound a plot’s NumericAxis.AutoTicks to a checkbox and MinorDelta and MajorDelta to TextBoxes. The Idea being that the user can toggle on and off automatic tick spacing and apply their own spacing if they desire. I’m hoping to avoid having to override the tickproviders and/or deltacalculators.

My issue is that once AutoTicks is set to true it appears to lock-out external input of the deltas even after it has been set back to false.

Have I missed something?

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I’m using a DateTimeAxis and by default major tick lines (and labels) are shown every 1/2 second – this is too busy/crowded for me. How do I change this to show a label every second? I set AutoTicks to false, but am not sure what to do about MajorDelta/MinorDelta when my X value is a DateTime object.

   <s:FastLineRenderableSeries x:Name="PositionSeries" StrokeThickness="2"/>

   <s:DateTimeAxis x:Name="PositionXAxis" TextFormatting="mm:ss"/>
XyDataSeries<DateTime, double> _positionSeries;
PositionSeries.DataSeries = _positionSeries;
  • Dan Pilat asked 7 years ago
  • last active 7 years ago
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