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How to make chart axis (date axis in my case) to move with scrolling?

Because currently labels staying on it’s positions and just refreshing its values.

let xAxis = SCIDateTimeAxis()
xAxis.axisId = ChartWrapper.SURFACE_MAIN_X_AXIS_ID
xAxis.autoRange = .never
xAxis.visibleRange = sharedXRange = false = false = false = true
xAxis.textFormatting = "HH:mm:ss" = true

Best regards, Vadim

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We would like to have a axis behavior similar to Mathlab. The idea is that for the x axis a common exponent is written only once on the right and for the y axis the common exponent is written once on the top of the chart.
Is this possible ?
How can we implement it ?

Thank you !

See figure attached

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I am currently trying to implement a chart with a category datetime axis. I custom a label formatter for handling a custom datetime format, let say”yyyy/MM”. Only the 1st tick of each year will display the label.
Eg: data with[“2018/1”,“2018/3”,“2018/5”], only show 2018/1, others show with empty/no label

I find the overrided method of label and cursor label formatter have only returned Comparable object which should be only returned the current rederering datetime axis label’s date.
Is there any way to find the previous one label to compare or any suggestion for implement this axis? Thank you!

  • may lym asked 1 year ago
  • last active 1 year ago
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Thank you for creating great chart library.
I’m now using a trial version for test that is enable to use at project that I’m concerned.

I have one problem that when I set zoom function to chart, and zoomed too much, axis label disappears.
(I used mouse scroll zoom, I attached zoom before image and after image)

How can I control this problem?
Is there any properties or setting for this?

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Thank you for adding the shifted axis support in SciChart. There is still a problem though, the axis labels are on the right side of the axis overlapping the graph. I want to place the labels on the left side of the axis. I have tried giving the LabelTickStyle with HorizontalAnchorPoint.Left with no avail. I have also tried scaling the axis to -1, which you might have guessed flips the labels 180 degrees as well.

I have also tried AxisAlignment = Left, but it doesn’t seem to work with the shifted axis, if I mark the axis IsCenter =false it does place the labels on the left, but no longer shifts them. I have also tried doing the same thing with IsCenter = true ofcourse, but that seems to just flip the labels in place with their tick lines.

Is there a way to place the labels on the left side of the Y axis while shifted?

Thank you.

  • kewur asked 5 years ago
  • last active 5 years ago
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