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Hi there

I’m using Column Chart with LogarithmicNumericAxis for the Y axis. I noticed a crazy thing that the baseline in my chart is set to 1*E-5 by default and not modifiable.

Is there any way to change this baseline?

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I’m evaluating chart libraries to my next project and I’m trying to do a simple chart like the one in the attached image.
It was actually very easy to do it using MPAndroidChart, however it’s been hard to do a simple task like put a label aligned with the column… I did take a look into the SciChart sample application, but the application just uses numeric labels…
Can someone provide some guidance of how to do this?

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I saw above but am not sure if what I want to do is possible. I would like to create an effect when mouse is over a colomn in a column chart it stays the same color it was but all others dim slightly with a semitransparent brush. Is it possible to do that?

  • John asked 4 years ago
  • last active 4 years ago
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Hi all, how i can add annotation on the columns of a chart?

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I want to build a column chart with 2 series. I don’t want columns to be stacked, but rather to show side by side.

The 2 series have the same XVariable (Days of the month). Because of that, whatever I do, I end up with stacked columns. I tried:

  • Using FastColumnRenderableSeries instead of StackedColumnRenderableSeries – It still rendered as stacked columns
  • Assigning a different StackedGroupId to different series – Nothing happened

But it did not work.

I also went into the example “Stacked Columns (Side by Side)”, and tried to change the StackedGroupId of the last serie to “C”, which had no effect. Also, when I made the data have the same X variable, all the columns became stacked (regardless of the StackedGroupId – Does StackedGroupId do anything?)

Any help is appreciated.

  • cabdo asked 10 years ago
  • last active 10 years ago
1 vote

I have a simple columns chart. The user can use a button that will basically change the data entirely.

The chartsurface has SeriesSource binded. Reassigning the series is changing the data on the chart, but the X-Axis is not being refreshed, so the data is showing up on the wrong part of the chart.

I uploaded 2 images to show the problem. In the “after” image, the long column should actually be at the “10+” label. If I open the same data in a new chart it shows correctly.

What’s the best method to entirely refresh a chart’s data?

Thanks in advance

  • cabdo asked 10 years ago
  • last active 10 years ago
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