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We’re working on a Nyquist plot using the latest SciChart SDK for WPF.
We have quite a MVVM dependent structure already in place.

We are working with 3D frequency based Complex data. The Nyquist plot would have 2 axes – Y for Imaginary values and X axis for Real values. We apply some averaging and post-processing of the 3D data to put in 2D form and show it in the Nyquist plot.

However, we’d like to be able to scroll the data at certain frequency ranges without showing the actual frequency graph in the plot. Is there a possibility to implement an independent scrollbar containing a averaged magnitude graph (similar idea to the processing of the Nyquist data) over a frequency range? We’d like to scroll this frequency range and on selected range changed to recalculate data in the Nyquist plot.

We have quite an extensive graphing structure implemented already. The main issue I’m currently facing is that the scrollbar is bound to the SciChartSurface and I cannot seem to figure out how to build it more like a “sexy” frequency range selector while staying within the SciChart library? Is there any possibility to not be bound to the SciChartSurface? And of course, the axes are quite different – in the Nyquist we have linear real and imaginary values (-2 to +2, for example) whereas the frequency range would extend much further data-wise (0 – 3000 Hz, for example).

Any help would be appreciated. Feel free to ask for more details.

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