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Can I create the Radar (not Radar chart) via SciChart components?

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I need to make Radar to visualize position of some point. It is the picture like this
enter image description here
The coordinates of red circle center always changing and need to repaint it in real time. Can I realize something like that via SciChart?

  • Lex
    Hi Fedor, Thanks for your inquiry. Could you please provide us with more information regarding your requirements? E.g. what chart type are you using, is this 2D or 3D, etc. A picture or mockup showing the whole chart’s appearance would also be helpful. Thanks in advance, Lex S., SciChart Technical Support Engineer
  • Fedor Iudin
    Hi, I need no more than I have on picture: just two axes and point (circle is better because it have better visibility) on 2D layout. In real process it helps user to check that coordinates of some process on industrial equipment placed around zero point
  • Lex
    Hi Fedor, Thank you for the clarification. I am going to discuss your inquiry with our team and will get back to you with an update shortly. Lex
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Hi Fedor,

We discussed the provided details.
To achieve the shown Axis layout you can use the approach featured in our “Central XAxis and YAxis” example. Here is a link:
WPF Chart Central XAxis and YAxis – SciChart

More details can be found in the following documentation article:
SciChart WPF Documentation – Axis Alignment – Placing Axis Inside the Chart | WPF Chart Documentation

Regarding the circle, could you please tell how it’s planned to be set and which data format should be used? E.g. is the radius constant etc.

This will help us offer you the correct solution.

Thanks in advance,
Lex S., MSEE,
SciChart Technical Support Engineer

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