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can't compile scichart v6

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MC3074  XML 네임스페이스 ''에 'EnumValueToStringConverter' 태그가 없습니다. 줄 26 위치 10. SciChart.Examples   C:\Users\YHS\Downloads\SciChart.Wpf.Examples-SciChart_v6_Release\SciChart.Wpf.Examples-SciChart_v6_Release\Examples\SciChart.Examples\Examples\Charts3D\CreateA3DChart\CreateACustomFreeSurface3DChart.xaml 26  

Tags that cause problems

I am developing using Sci Chart for the first time.
My head hurts with license issues and tag issues.
I hope this is resolved smoothly.

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Hi there,

If you are compiling the Scichart.Wpf.Examples from source code on Github, then you need to setup the NuGet feed as per the readme / build instructions.

Here’s an extract from the

Build Instructions

NuGet feed setup

The SciChart.Wpf.Examples repository uses nightly builds and is
updated automatically during our devops / deployment process. To
build, you will need to set the correct NuGet feeds for SciChart WPF
nightly builds.

In Visual Studio go to Tools -> Options -> NuGet Package Manager ->
Package Sources Add a Package Source called SciChart Nightly Set the
feed URL to

Next, for licensing, you will either need

1/ A trial license
2/ An activated developer license

The instructions for activating a paid developer license are here. Do that once on your PC and then you should have no issue.

If you continue to experience problems please let us know!

Best regards,

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