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Hi EveryBody,

I hope you are fine,

I am working on tablet windows with only one DataSerie vizualisation.

To increase the ergonomic of my application on DatapointSelection, I want to be able to click on any point in the scichart then the DataPoint corresponding to the X axes of my point click get Selected.

Is it possible? Can you help me please.

I sent a picture to explain you the needed functionnality.

Thank you very much,

Princy Andriampaniry

Version 5
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To achieve this you would have to modify the source-code or create a custom chartmodifier. You can try using the Hit-Test API:

There is a function called BaseRenderableSeries.HitTestProvider.VerticalSliceHitTest which will return a HitTestInfo closest to the x-value.

Try our Hit-Test example and modify it to use VerticalSliceHitTest. Does it provide the info you need?

Next, you can programmatically select points by using the PointMetadata API.

Basically it is possible, just requires using a few different APIs to get the desired result.

You might also be interested in our ‘ChartModifier Sandbox’ which shows how to create chart modifiers or behaviours. One of them is a simple example of data-point selection: ChartModifier Sandbox.

Best regards,

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