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Points crawl backwards if FIFO enabled and longer than 5052 Points

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I evaluating Scichart for our application and have been testing the Realtime FIFO example.

I have made the following modifications to the example
– Increased number of samples added per timer tick
– Replaced a sin wave with a recording of FPS
– Swapped to DX10 render surface
– Changed Plot Theme
– Added Plot Modifiers for manipulation

When FIFO is enabled and more than 5052 points are added unusual behavior occurs, the line seems to slide backwards and faster than the plot does and there are lines connecting the start and end of the plot.

I have recorded a video that compares running with FIFO enabled vs FIFO disabled.

I forgot to add that I can get a similar but slightly different glitch by taking the example straight from the example browser and increasing the FIFO length to 10000, see attached image.

WPF v4.1.0 Build 8612
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This issue was a bug that affected v4.1.0 of SciChart. It affected FIFO series and also non-FIFO when series length reached a certain length.

The issue has now been fixed in build v4.1.1.8637 which you can get from our private NuGet feed, or Github (if you are a source code customer). This will also be released in a full Installer shortly.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

Best regards,

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Hi there,

Thank you for reporting this. We are currently aware of the problem with FIFO series is v.4.1. It is being investigated by our staff and hopefully will be fixed soon. We plan to include the fix into the next version 4.1.1.

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