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Remove or Update values on an XyDataSeries

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I’m trying to draw a swing chart, a blue zigzag line in the attached PNG, on top of a candlestick.

The problem is that the most recent swing low/high may turn out to be just a temporary swing low/high candidate actually, as a new data point arrives and it has a lower low or a higher high.

When it happens, I want to remove the recent swing low/high candidate, append a new candidate data point, and extend the swing line further.

Is there any other way to practically erase the recent swing low/high candidate, like updating it with NaN or something?

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Hi Toshiyuki,

You may be interested in this answer on Fixing Data Values that Arrive in Non Sorted DateTime Order as this covers the DataSeries API, including ability to Add, Remove, Insert, Update points in detail.

Hope this helps!

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