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Does SciChart use automation peers? Is there any documentation about UI test automation for SciChart?

My company uses SciChart to develop a WPF desktop application. We want to automate our testing using toolts like Coded UI or Test Complete.


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Hi Alan

No we don’t, because Automation and UIAutomation only really works with basic WPF types such as TextBox, Button, Checbox etc… It doesn’t work with a complex controls drawn on bitmap or texture. You can try commercial products like Telerik Test Studio or Ranorex but they won’t really work either as they’re built on the same underlying technology.

What we did instead was wrote our own framework to test the UI by comparing screenshots. We also mock out most of our types (thats why there are so many interfaces like ISciChartSurface, IAxis etc…) so that we can use standard unit testing.

Hope that helps — or at least — saves you some time going down this route!

Best regards,

  • Gennady Verdel
    Hi. Thanks for the reply. Is there any possibility of publishing this screenshot-comparing framework? I’m currently in process of selecting a charting framework and this could be the decisive factor to pick SciChart.
  • Andrew
    Hi Gennady, we publish all our unit tests in the source-code editions of SciChart WPF. That includes the Screenshot-comparison tests which we call ‘Visual Tests’. I’m not at liberty to share the code of this outside of a license between yourselves and ourselves though.
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See also related question which has some additional info about SciChart’s internal screenshot-comparison testing framework.

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