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SciChartOverview have down-sampled data series than that for parent surface

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We are trying to display a very large line data set and it seems SciChartOverview would be a good way of visualizing full range of data. Let’s say we have 10 lines of millions data points each to be displayed. The idea is to display down-sampled version of these 10 lines in SciChartOverview, and display full-sampled version in the parent surface with x range matched with scroll bar range in SciChartOverview. When user moves the scroll bar or changes its range in SciChartOverview, it will reload data into the parent surface.

Is there a way to achieve above? Thanks.

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Hi Caleb,

The SciChartOverview already downsamples your data, but if you want to modify the chart behind the overview (to display different series, or different data) you can use this technique:

WPF Custom Overview Control Example

Also the SciChartOverview Documentation – scroll down to Changing the RenderableSeriesType / RenderableSeries behind the overview documentation.

So using that technique you can put your own custom chart begin the overview then give it any data you want. Downsampling could either be done with your code, or by using our Filters API to create a derived series.

Does that help?

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