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What would cause DataSeries.MinXSpacing to be 0

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I am trying to plot a column plot. However, my column with is always 0. In debugging, I find that dataPointWidth = Math.Abs(xCoordinateCalculator.GetCoordinate(DataSeries.MinXSpacing) – xCoordinateCalculator.GetCoordinate(0)); is called. However, the DataSeries.MinXSpacing is 0. My XValues are just incremental numbers as 0, 1, 2, 3.. 90. What would cause DataSeries.MinXSpacing to be 0? It should be 1.

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Hi Ning,

Thanks for your question.

Please take a look at our “Column Chart” example:

It’s a simple example where XValues are incremental numbers from 0 – 19. The example shows no issues with column width. Please compare your code against the example – hope this will help you to figure out the reason for such behaviour.

In another case, please provide us with a small sample project reproducing it for investigation.

Thanks in advance.

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