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We are pleased to announce that SciChart iOS SDK v1.2.0 has now been released! Please see below for the list of improvements / features added and bugs fixed.

If you are using SciChart iOS v1.x then this update is a drop-in replacement.

What’s New in SciChart iOS v1.2.0?

New Features

Bugs Fixed

  • SciChart no longer throws exception if data is unsorted in X
  • Fixed a memory leak in Realtime Ticking Stock Charts example.
  • Fixed modifiers not synchronising at Swift Multiple Surface example.
  • Fixed error where chart is blank when AutoRange.Never is used.
  • Fixed issue with heat map when drawing multiple surfaces.
  • Fixed issue with Heatmap ZRange.
  • Fixed issue with AxisMarkerAnnotation displaying incorrect colours on simulator.

Where to get SciChart Downloads?

You can get the SciChart iOS SDK v1.2.0 from the Downloads page. Source code customers can also get-latest from our Github repository.


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