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I am trying to add a VerticalLineAnnotation with a text at the bottom to my SciChart graph.

The similar thing works great when the XAxis is a NumericalAxis, but throws an Exception when it is a TimeSpanAxis.

var commentAnnotation = new VerticalLineAnnotationViewModel()
    // Setting the LabelValue only works when the XAxis is a NumericalAxis
    // and throws an Exception when it is a TimeSpanAxis
    LabelValue = "vertical line annotation",
    ShowLabel = true,
    // adjust this to '9' when trying it with a NumericalAxis
    X1 = TimeSpan.FromHours(9),

My SciChartSurface looks like this:

<s:SciChartSurface Annotations="{s:AnnotationsBinding AnnotationViewModels}">
                <s:TimeSpanRange Min="00:00:00" Max="10:00:00" />
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We have Scichart 2.32 version software. In this version, we are using DateTimeAxis format on XAxis. We are showing XAxis Labels in this Text Formatting as “yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss”.
But now, we need to changing the TextFormatting of XLabels.
We need to show time representation of XLabels in Minutes format. We need to show only minute representation during the Time span in the live chart.

How can we achieve this TextFormatting in 2.32 version software? If not, can we achieve this Formatting in the newer versions?

  • gamze asked 3 weeks ago
  • last active 3 weeks ago
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