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Immediate mode annotations with customized chart layout

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I need to draw a lot of annotations. Those are pretty simple figures/icons. The gotchas:

  1. The axis (ticks/labels) should be inside of the chart area.
  2. The annotation should be drawn on the border of the axis/chart.

I started to use the immediate mode for this. Was pretty happy to see there are Layers in the render context and I thought I could schedule or manipulate the rendereings when it comes to what I want. Unfotunately it is immutable.

The first thing I could come over by manipulating the template at runtime although I do not want to re-template it in fear of bigger template changes than the change of Grid.Row at runtime.
The second part is more tricky now. I would like to have fine grained control over the ordering of what is drawn. At least above/below the RenderableSeries but best to select the layers as wanted.

One big deal I did overcome is some mouse hover action for the drawn annotations.

So my idea now would be to add custom rendering layers like the HighQualityRenderSurface but I have no Idea how this impacts the performance. I already have a target of ~30 charts. Fortunately visible ones would be only around 8 so I could manipualte the visibility on scroll to prevent render.

I attached an example of the idea.

What I tried before was interfering with The ISciChartRenderer to wrap a before and after render. The problem is the Services are registered and the value is asigned to a property so that my re-register (swap) has no effect. Finally I got it working using a IAnnotationsDrawingProvider wrapper.

You can find the related post on StackOverflow:

For the fine grained control over the rendering order I managed to use the Layers just need to do it before any counterpart manages to schedule an action (ISciChartRenderer worked just the base class private variable assignment is nasty).

  • Lex
    • Lex
    • 2 months ago
    Hi Blazej, Thanks for your inquiry. I am going to discuss it with our team and will get back to you as soon as I have an update. With best regards, Lex S., MSEE, SciChart Technical Support Engineer
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Hi Blazej,

We discussed your inquiry.
Please see our recently published “ChartWidthSynchronization” custom example. We have shown here how to place Axis Ticks and Tick Labels inside the SciChartSurface.
Here is a link:
SciChart.Wpf.Examples/Sandbox/CustomerExamples/ChartsWidthSync at SciChart_v8_Dev · ABTSoftware/SciChart.Wpf.Examples · GitHub

Regarding Annotations, unfortunately, it’s not clear enough if there are still any unresolved issues. Could you please clarify?

Thanks in advance,

Lex S., MSEE
SciChart Technical Support Engineer

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Thanks for the example I will check it out in depth but in general it looks like its what I wanted (just at a glance).
The other problems I am facing:

  1. Fine grained control to apply custom drawing as wanted is achieved by using reflection and wrapping the SciChart rendering and making a callback of actions Before/After of the original ISciChartRenderer. I would like to have the possiblity to hook up to the rendering without using reflection.
  2. Space for drawing custom markers. Normally the whole chart is drawn inside thechart area. I would like to have some offset to the viewport so I could draw my custom icons/marker outside of the chart but still use the ImmediateMode rendering. For example I would like to draw a custom marker below the chart edge (The A in the red square).

Thanks for any insights on how to achieve this.

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