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As part of our evaluation of SciChart a very important point for us is responsiveness, as I mentioned in another post

A point that is causing concerns is that we need to update the UI in a reliable, synchronous, non-deferred way, even if this means blocking the user input. So for us the only method that works is to user RenderPriority.Immediate.

Unfortunately it seems that for complex data were the rendering starts to struggle SciChart just skips updates to the view. We tried to manually force the update using code, but we have the same problem described here (i.e. RenderPriority.Manual does not work).

So, how can we be sure that the UI gets updated every single time we update a DataSeries, regardless of load, user input, whatever?

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I am trying to evaluate Scichart for purchase. I am using live data (17 Channels, many samples per second) to draw FastLineRenderableSeries (0-100% on the y axis, time on the x axis). I have everything working satisfactorily using the MVVM pattern. I have tried the HighQualityRenderSurface and Direct3D10RenderSurface.

Are these renderers actually working or am I still using the software renderer?

I need to draw a translucent rectangle on the chart to indicate a “Good” range of values of y values (say 40-50%).

If I use annotations to draw a rectangle, everything slows down and it is unusable. If I use immediate mode drawing and the HighQualityRendererSurface it is kind of OK. If i use immediate mode drawing and the Direct3D10RenderSurface the rectangle and the series lines alternately flash slowly and it is unusable.

How can I draw a rectangle on the screen using live data and get good performance? Do I need the license for this to work well?


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