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Possible Issues with Intel Iris GPU

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To whom this may concern:

I am having an issue on a new computer that I bought with an 11th-gen GPU processor with an Intel Iris Xe GPU.

Usually when I plot live data, the chart updates automatically. However, with this computer, the chart appears to be frozen, but the axes are still moving. The only way the chart itself updates is if you resize it or hide-and-reshow it, and then it freezes again. The software doesn’t crash, and no errors have been logged. This has happened with all of our programs using SciChart.

This issue can’t be re-created on any other computer we have. I have video evidence of this, but it’s larger than 1 MB so I can’t upload it here.

Can you please advise?

Thank you kindly!

— Ari

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Hi Ari,

Thanks for your inquiry.
There was an issue with Intel Iris Xe GPUs and WPF for a while, however, it is fixed now with the driver version beta and newer. Please take a look:

The update can be still not available in Windows Update, however, you can find the latest Intel GPU driver here:

Hope this helps.

We have also noticed you use an outdated SciChart version. We recommend using the latest SciChart version, which is v6.5.1.26063 currently. It has a lot of improvements since previous versions and SciChart v5.x is no longer supported.

With best regards,

  • Ari Sagiv
    Hi, Oleksandr — Thank you for your quick response. Updating the GPU driver did not work, but turning off hardware acceleration in the registry did the trick. — Ari
  • Oleksandr Shvets
    Hi Ari, Thanks for your reply. I’m glad the issue is solved! Could you please tell whether this issue can be reproduced with our examples from the Examples suite and provide us with steps to reproduce? I’ll investigate this on our side then. Thanks in advance, Oleksandr
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