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Trying to display an annotation labels on a collapsed axis.

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It seems that if the axis is collapsed, all associated annotation labels are not visible (but their annotation line is visible).
Is there property or the like that will allow labels to be shown which are associated with a collapsed axis?

  • Riley Huddleston
    Note: I do have a work around which is to use opacity and align it opposite of the visible axes. Then with DrawGridLines, DrawLabels, … etc I get the visual effect that I need. I just wanted to be sure there wasn’t a more elegant way to do this (by allowing the label to show up even when the axis is collapsed).
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Great Answer

Hi Riley

I haven’t tried it, but you can try setting Axis.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden. This will hide the axis but will preserve its size. Try then setting the width to zero or a small number.

When collapsed, any sub-views on the axis are also collapsed, that’s a WPF limitation I’m afraid.

Best regards,

  • Riley Huddleston
    Oh I see. I didn’t realize that the annotations where actually children of the axis. I figured they were on a canvas apart from the axis.
  • Riley Huddleston
    Hidden wouldn’t work for our scenario as the axis can’t mis-align other (vertically stacked) axes. Simple enough to put the axis on an unused side.
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