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Need help for creating a Line Chart And willing to Pay $$

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I need someone to develop this chart for me and I will provide a JSON, for the data.
Please go to time line 3:22

I have been struggling in the documentation and if someone can create this chart for me, I will be more than happy to pay you.

The chart would have to be created for Swift 4 please.


Swift 4
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Hi Robert,

We have been working on updating the documentation for SciChart iOS v2.1. The first draft went live yesterday.

In the article The iOS Line Series Type we have a Swift 4 example of how to create a line chart from beginning to end.

The source code looks like this

// Create a SCIChartSurface instance 
var sciChartSurface = SCIChartSurface(frame: frame)

// NOTE: You will need to add the SCIChartSurface as a SubView to your View 

// Declare a new XyDataSeries with XType Float, and YType Float
let dataSeries = SCIXyDataSeries(xType: .float, yType: .float)

// Append some data. SCIGenericStruct converts without boxing of primitives
let dataCount: Int = 20
for i in 0..<dataCount {
    let time = (10.0 * Double(i)) / Double(dataCount)
    let x: Double = time;
    let y: Double = Double(arc4random_uniform(20))
    dataSeries.appendX(SCIGeneric(x), y: SCIGeneric(y))

// Create a SCIFastLineRenderableSeries and apply DataSeries
let lineRenderSeries = SCIFastLineRenderableSeries()
lineRenderSeries.strokeStyle = SCISolidPenStyle(colorCode: 0xff279b27, withThickness: 1.0)
lineRenderSeries.dataSeries = dataSeries

// Note Surface must have an XAxis/YAxis of type SCINumericAxis to match the float,float data
let xAxis = SCINumericAxis()
xAxis.growBy = SCIDoubleRange(min: SCIGeneric(0.1), max: SCIGeneric(0.1))

let yAxis = SCINumericAxis()
yAxis.growBy = SCIDoubleRange(min: SCIGeneric(0.1), max: SCIGeneric(0.1))

// Add the Line Series to an existing SciChartSurface

The only part you need to do is to ensure the sciChartSurface is included as a SubView in your View. For guidance, our iOS Chart Tutorial 02 – Creating a SciChartSurface shows how and when to add the sciChartSurface as a subview.

Please let me know if this helps,

Best regards,

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