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From time to time we get asked for discounts for the SciChart WPF Charting Software, particularly from universities or students who don’t have much funds. What we would like to do is introduce a programme to help students and departments at Universities purchase and use the SciChart WPF Charting software at a discount or even free by partnering with us and helping us in a low-cost but very useful way!

// Sponsorship for Universities!

If you’re a student or researcher at an academic institution we’d like to give you a free license to SciChart 2D or 3D Charts that can use in non-commercial projects (e.g. personal or university related projects).

In return, all we ask is to help publicise SciChart.

  • Link to SciChart as sponsor of the project on your University website or department or personal page at the University.
  • Acknowledge SciChart in research papers, journal articles that you publish, or awards that you enter or win
  • Be willing to provide us with details (application info, screenshots) for a case study later.

Over 150 top universities use SciChart around the world. We’d love to see your application if you create a project using SciChart. Please feel free to blog about them or publish and the best ones we will re-publish!

// What’s Included, and what’s not


We can include all the functionality of our SciChart 2D or 3D software on any platform for educational use. There will be no limitations on features.


The license will be locked to you (or your department) and can be activated on two PCs. What we advise is you use the steps to deactivate and activate if you wish to transfer a license to a third computer.


We can include all the functionality of our SciChart 2D or 3D software for educational use, but we cannot include tech-support as this is a big cost to us! If you have any questions as an educational user please post them over at under the Tag SciChart. Questions to support desk or our forums won’t be honoured.


Typically our commercial licenses come with 1-year of support & updates. An educational license will probably have 90 days of updates so you can grab bug-fix builds, but don’t worry you’ll still be able to develop with SciChart after the 90-days, as the license is perpetual. You just won’t be able to use the latest builds.

// Get in Touch if you are Interested

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this offer, talk to us. We were once students, we understand how it is to not have budget, and we also understand that our software would be great for you in your studies and research.

[SciChart Team]

Andrew Burnett-Thompson
Andrew Burnett-Thompson
CEO / Founder of SciChart & SciTrader. Masters (MEng) and PhD in Electronics & Signal Processing.

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