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SciChart JavaScript Charts v1.0 Released!

SciChart JavaScript Charts v1.0 Released!

We are excited to announce SciChart JavaScript ultra-high-performance charts first official version released!

SciChart.js v1.0 official release

SciChart.js is an ultra-fast, realtime 2D & 3D Chart Component for HTML5 / JavaScript apps. SciChart.js is based on our multi award-winning cross-platform graphics engine, Visual Xccelerator® built in C++, and compiled to WebGL and WebAssembly.

We bring you a brand new library for JavaScript graphs and charts which is fully hardware accelerated. SciChart.js API will allow you to plot and update data in real-time to create next-generation data-visualisation applications in JavaScript, TypeScript, and React, or any other JavaScript framework.

See our live demos in the SciChart.js examples suite:

What is in SciChart.js v.1.0?

1. Many Chart Types

SciChart’s JavaScript Charts support all of the favorite chart types and more out of the box:

2. Extreme real-time performance

SciChart.js charting component is tailored for demanding applications in Financial & trading, Scientific & Medical, Engineering domains as well as complex enterprise applications which need the best performance and best possible visualizations.

Our proprietary visual engine allows drawing primitives in Immediate-Mode rendering at extremely high speed so that high-performance 2D & 3D Charts can be rendered on multiple platforms including the web. This engine has been successfully compiled to WebGL and WebAssembly, and enables native speed by taking advantage of the CPU and GPU.

Millions of lines at once is no problem for SciChart.js!

See: SciChart.js Realtime Ghosted Traces Performance demo.

3. Interactions and Reading the Chart API

To get insightful information from the chart it is extremely important to allow users to have seamless interaction with it. SciChart.js has a ready to use ChartModifier API for setting up Zoom and Pan on the chart, Drag an area to zoom in, or Drag to pan. Drag an axis to scale or pan, use the mousewheel. You can also create your own rich, animated zoom/pan operations.

We are supporting a handful of modifiers out of the box for showing tooltips, such as the popular CursorModifier, RolloverModifier and LegendModifier.

4. Chart Configuration Options

SciChart.js allows multiple charts and multiple panes, linking multiple charts and synchronizing them, having unlimited multiple X, Y axis, rotating charts vertically out of the box.

We provide multiple configuration options allowing for the creation of complex dashboards and visualizations, such as creating JavaScript stock-chart financial applications and more.

See: Multi-Pane Stock Charts Example

5. Annotations API

With SciChart.js annotating the charts and graphs in your application will be easy! We offer the ability to add Lines, Text, Shapes, Boxes or rectangles onto the chart out of the box.

These can move, pan and scale with the chart, or be positioned absolutely e.g. in the center of the chart, or top left, bottom right etc…

See: Chart Annotations Examples

6. Themeing, Styling the chart and Per-Point Colouring

SciChart.js allows you to custom every element in code. We also ship with two themes, light and a dark theme, but also our flexible API will let you create your own custom themes.

SciChart.js features per-point coloring and styling via the PaletteProvider API. This will allow you to color individual data-points, add gradient-lines or mark the values over some threshold.

Where to get SciChart.js v1.0

You can get SciChart.js version 1.0 examples zip from our downloads page at You will need to create an account at in order to access this page.

If you need any help with getting started, including how to start a trial, please check our getting started guide.

Pricing and Licensing

SciChart.js is included in the Bundle 2D Pro, Bundle SDK Pro and Bundle SDK Enterprise products available on our web store. These packages include our 2D Charts, 2D/3D and 2D/3D+Source code for all our platforms (Windows, iOS, Android, Mac and JavaScript).

Customers with the up today support active license of SciChart Bundle packages will get SciChart.js for free.

We are also be shipping SciChart.js individually as a JavaScript 2D Chart license and JavaScript 2D and 3D Chart license, that can be purchased at our store.

All our licenses will come with 1-year technical support & updates as standard. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Road map for v1.1

Next on our roadmap for the release of SciChart.js 1.1, we have the following top priorities.

  • 3D charts API improvements: there more features coming for SciChart.js 3D, like tooltips and selection, PinchZoomModifier, and ZoomExtentsModifier. We will also be adding new chart types, such as Pie and Donut 3D Chart types.
  • Splines Series Types/ Smoothing API: we will add a build-in smoothing algorithm for different series, by adding SplineBand, SplineLine, SplineMountain series types. Sometimes displaying raw data is not useful and hard to read, smoothing algorithms assist with visualizing it over time in an easy to read manner.
  • Chart Animations: we will add support for animating the charts with fade, sweep, fly-in, fly-out, scale, wave animation, and more.
  • More examples. tutorials: we will be building out the examples / demo application to have even more examples of how to use our software. If you have a request, just let us know!

If there is a feature you are waiting for, please create a feature request for us!

We’d love to hear your feedback!

We’re collecting feedback over at Feature request System or sales at If you’d like to let us know an issue or feature request, leave a note there.

Best regards,
[SciChart Team]

By Julia Skorobogata | Nov 10, 2020
I contribute to the growth and development of SciChart, assisting my team with sales, marketing, and project management.

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