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iOS & macOS Custom Series Rounded Column

SciChart iOS Charts supports an extremely flexible way to customize the chart. Custom RenderableSeries should extend SCIRenderableSeriesBase if you want to provide some custom data, or […]

iOS & macOS Chart with Tooltips

If you wish to add tooltips to your iOS Charts, then the SciChart TooltipModifier can add this behavior onto our iOS Chart Control. The SCITooltipModifier is […]

iOS & macOS Chart with Crosshairs and Cursors

SciChart features a Cursor or Crosshairs on our iOS Charts which are provided by the SCICursorModifier. This is able to display crosshairs at the touch-location and […]

iOS & macOS Stacked Mountain Chart

Generates a Stacked Mountain chart in code-behind. See Documentation on how to use this type here: The IOS Stacked Mountain Chart. The SCIStackedMountainRenderableSeries API can be […]