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I’ve installed the trial/demo SciChart and am trying to use it in my project to test performance.

The sample project works well and the WPF Examples Suite also works fine.

I’m referencing all the SciChart dlls in my project and added a simple bar chart that I copied from the Examples Suite. The app starts up well, but when the view that contains the bar chart is loaded, I get an exception saying: “The registry key specified by the RegistryStoragePath property could not be opened.” (See attached image Exception.png).
Trying to debug and find out what’s going on, the attached “Process Monitor.png” image is the result of the registry access from my App when loading it (I’m not sure if it helps, though).

Any thoughts on what can be happening?


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We get the same error when calling ‘SciChartSurface.SetRuntimeLicenseKey(…)’ and we are using full (non trial) license.
Check attached image please.

Any insight is much appreciated.


  • Andrew
    Hi Raed, hows it going? Did you see the comment by the customer above? “Just after I posted the question, I realized that everything worked fine if I continued the execution of the App ignoring the exception”. Do you see the same? If not, is this error occurring on just one PC or all PCs? Are there any special security policies on your PC which restrict registry access? These types of errors are really hard to fix – because we can’t have access to the local PC. Luckily you are local and I might be able to visit and inspect it (if we can’t debug it remotely).
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Hi Andresca,

I’m afraid we’ve never seen this error before (in 4 years of SciChart’s existance). SciChart’s licensing mechanism is quite robust to permissions issues, even registry access being blocked.

Is there any special security policy that you have on your PCs? For example, is the user folder hosted on a network drive, and do you have permissions to write to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry key?

If you need further support I suggest contacting support [at] scichart dot com, as we can help you in greater detail there.

Best regards,

  • andrecsa
    Thanks for your reply, Andrew. Just after I posted the question, I realized that everything worked fine if I continued the execution of the App ignoring the exception. So it’s all good. Sorry I didn’t let you know before. Regards, Andre.
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