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iOS & macOS Surface Mesh 3D PaletteProvider

This example demonstrates how to use the PaletteProvider API to color SurfaceMesh cells individually. Please read more about applying Palettes to a Surface Mesh in SciChart […]

iOS & macOS Surface Mesh 3D Floor and Ceiling Chart

SciChart iOS 3D Charting Component ships with various 3D chart types. Those are complemented by a number of features out of the box, to make it […]

iOS & macOS Style 3D Chart

This example features styling of iOS Charts in Swift and Objective-C with SciChart 3D. You can style every chart element according to your needs: the Surface […]

iOS & macOS Sparse Impulse Series 3D Chart

SciChart iOS allows you to create both Impulse or Stem chart in 3D. They are provided by SCIImpulseRenderableSeries3D series. A stem chart is visualised as small […]