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Xamarin Realtime FIFO Scrolling Chart

This example demonstrates the difference between FIFO DataSeries and standard DataSeries. A FIFO series discards old data-points once a predefined number of points is met. This […]

Xamarin Chart Performance Demo

Demonstrates the speed and power of SciChart in a real-time example. Creates a threadpool timer and pushes 1000 points every 10ms to three series on the […]

Xamarin Multi-Pane Stock Charts

The Xamarin Multi-Pane Stock Charts example demonstrates how SciChart is suitable for creating complex, multi-panel stock chart and trading apps, able to display volumes and indicators […]

Xamarin Mountain Chart

Generates a Xamarin Mountain Chart in code. SciChart Xamarin Mountain Chart supports hundreds of thousands, or even millions of points out of the box*, and is […]