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WPF Chart Using CursorModifier Tooltips

This example demonstrates the CursorModifier: a ChartModifier derived type which adds a cross-hairs (cursor) to the chart, as well as displaying an aggregated tooltip for all […]

WPF Chart Change Renderer Plugin

SciChart now ships with four rasterizer plugins which use different algorithms to render the RenderableSeries to the screen. These are: #1 The HighSpeedRenderSurface: An integer coordinate, […]

Uniform Heatmap and Custom Palette Provider

Demonstrates how to create a UniformHeatmap and how to use PaletteProvider to gain an extra control of filling with color SciChart UniformHeatmap. Documentation Links – Heatmap […]

WPF Chart Trading Buy Sell Markers

The Trade Markers demo uses the Annotations API to place CustomAnnotations rendering buy and sell or news bullet markers over a simulated price chart. The CustomAnnotations […]