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WPF Trade Annotations

Demonstrates how to place the trading annotations, that are commonly used in trading and financial applications over a chart by click in realtime as well as […]

WPF Chart Sync Multi Chart Mouse Events

Showcases how to synchronize mouse events across multiple charts by using the MouseManager.MouseEventGroup attached property. Two SciChartSurface panes are created and arranged vertically. This example shows […]

WPF Chart Switch Axis Type At Runtime

Switch Axis Type at Runtime This example changing between Linear and Logarithmic axis dynamically in SciChart. Using a simple attached property we are able to change […]

WPF Stacked Mountain Chart

Generates a Stacked Mountain chart in code-behind. The StackedMountainRenderableSeries API can be used to render mountain/areas stacked one above another. Mountains are rendered using the Stroke […]