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WPF Ternary Chart with Error Bars

The TernaryErrorBarRenderableSeries requires an XyzDataSeries as data source, wich contains X-point, Y-point and Z-point. This includes HighError and LowError for each series entry. In this example […]

WPF Chart Renko Volume Range and Tick Bars Example

Demonstrates how to the AggregationFilter, part of the Filters API in SciChart WPF v5. Given a data-source of trading ticks or quotes, we aggregate into bars […]

WPF Pie Chart

Demonstrates how to create a Pie Chart. This is a circular chart type consisting of sectors which are proportional to the quantity it represents. Tips! You […]

WPF Non Uniform Heatmap

Demonstrates how to create a UniformHeatmap and how to use PaletteProvider to gain an extra control of filling with color SciChart UniformHeatmap. Documentation Links – Heatmap […]